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    BALING maintains its worldwide technology leadership by constantly investing in innovation and product development, BALING offers its customers around the world needs-oriented security solutions that give them the greatest possible benefits in terms of security, organizational efficiency and convenience. Thanks to attractive, timeless designs, they can be integrated seamlessly into many different architectural styles. Generally, BALING products are compatible with systems that have already been installed, so customers can be sure that their investments are secure. Its growth is being driven by four global trends: urbanization, the growing need for security, technological innovation and the increasing prosperity in the emerging markets.

    BALING's business scope covers digital door locks (hotel/home/business series), mechanical hardware locks; lockbody; cylinders; power-saving switch; engineering cases. etc.  the door system is availbale to operate it and time & access control solutions, no matter what sort of door application you are planning.      

    It also supplies a variety of mortise lever door locks in zinc alloy, brass, stainless steel, aluminum magnesium alloy, as well as door security hooks; door guards, hooks, door stops, glass clamps,Jl series furniture hinges, sliding series and so on.