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About Fingerprint Lock and Keypad Lock

Publisher: Management   Release time:2015-05-21

1. Q: How many users can it store?

     A: Generally 100 code users and 100 fingerprint users, but some items will be different.
2. Q: What is the lift time of the fingerprint lock/ keypad lock?
    A: Generally more than 10 years.
3. Q: If I failed to open the door with code and fingerprint, what to do?
    A: You can keep the override key in your bag, car or office and use it in case of this situation.
4.Q: If the lock has no power, what to do?
   A: Some items have 6v external battery function, you can use 9v external battery. Or you  can use override key.
5. Q: What is the life time of the battery?
     A: About one year but depends on the battery capacity.
6. Q: If the lock no power for some time, whether it will affect the record inside and the registered user?
   A: If will not affect the record and registered user. But for those locks with audit trail function, it will affect the time.
7. Q: When I open the lock with mechanical key, will the lock have opening record?
    A: No, the lock with only have opening record for the unlocking way by fingerprint or code.
8. Q: What types of latch or mortise do you have?
     A: We have single latch, Two-Latch, Four-Latch, Five-Latch(ANSI, Euro)
9. Q: What is the door thickness requirement of your lock?
     A: Different latch or mortise will have different requirement. Please see our website “How to Choose”.
10. Q: When opening the lock with a valid fingerprint, red light is on with three short beeps, and fails to open the lock, what is the reason?
       A: The fingerprint is placed incorrectly or damaged. Try to place it correctly, if failed, enroll the fingerprint with another finger.
11. Q: Four very short beeps sound when opening the lock, what happen?
       A: This is the indication of low battery, please change batteries.
12. Q: No response when pressing the buttons, what happen?
       A: No power, please change batteries.
13. Q: Often fail to verify the fingerprint, what happen?
       A: It may be because the finger is too dry, or wet or dirty, or the scanner is too dirty. Please clean it.
14. Q: Fail to enter enrollment or deletion mode, what happen?
       A: The master code is wrong or the operation is wrong. Please use correct master code and check whether the operation procedure is correct. If forgetting the master code, please reset the lock.
15. Q: If my override key is lost, can I change the cylinder?
       A: Yes, you can. For Schlage cylinder, you can buy the cylinders in your local place and freely change the cylinder. For our other cylinders, you need use our cylinders and other need special tools.
16. Q: When I pull up the sliding cover or press any key, the lock is open, why?
       A: The lock is under Passage Mode, please disable this mode.
17. Q: Can I change the handle direction by myself?
       A: For some items, you can freely change handle direction without tools; For the others, you need special tools to change handle direction.