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The Times of SMART Lock Is Coming

Publisher: Management   Release time:2017-07-31

Nowadays, the word "Smart" has gone deep into everyone's life, such as Smart Phone, Smart Home, Smart Car, etc. Like the Smart door lock, which is an entry-level products of Smart Home, it has into ordinary people's home gradually.

The development of smart lock is very rapid in recent years. While gaining acceptance from users and markets,declaring that the time of smart lock replace mechanical lock is coming soon. Well, what is a good smart lock should be?

Why are the smart products so pupular? Because the progress of the Times is for convenient the basic necessities of human life. And the smart lock has caught the "lazy" character of human, so, a smart lock must be simpler and more convenient than the traditional mechanical lock.

The Smart lock has solve the disadvantages of the mechanical lock like forgot to take the keys, keys losting, inconvenient opening, short lifespan. It is more convenient to use.

The basic task of a lock is guarding home in any times. In the times of smart lock, security is also the most demand of a lock. So, the samrt lock not only need to give users a simple and convenient usage experience, but also make the smart lock return to the essence of a lock, to focus on security.

In the times of mechanical lock, the biggest criticism of a lock is that owner doesn't know when the thieves burgled through violence or technical way. While in the times of smart lock, if there is wrong keys or lockpick into the lock, or open by violence, the smart lock will automatic alarming and send alarm to the owner's smartphone.

The biggest characteristic of intelligence is man-machine interaction. Smart lock is the product of intelligence times, it must has the function of man-machine interaction. That means a smart lock won't as cold as the mechanical lock, it should proximity to the users emotionally. For example, when you are not at home, you can also receive the message of when parents, lovers, children leave or back home, take more care of your family. Smart lock is a part of smart home, it is essence to bring more humanized usage experience to human.